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Team Info
Merely being a Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company is not the goal at CTI. Being the best Freight Forwarding and Logistics Company is not only our goal it is our combined destiny. Export, Import, Domestic, Haz-Mat, Packing & Crating are only some of the services that we offer, it is not what we sell. Our only commodity that we actively sell is 'Customer Service'. Knowing our customers, their strategic goals, destinations and needs is paramount to great service.
'TEAM CTI'  is comprised of each and every employee of Cargo Transport, Inc. regardless of department or position. We understand that through our individual actions we have the ability to impact the level of service that a customer receives be it positive or negative. Being a TEAM member, each employee has a vested interest in providing consistent and professional performance towards the fulfillment of any customer's requirements. Each member is supported by another making Team CTI  a cohesive, well disciplined group that communicates and strives towards setting ourselves apart from conventional freight forwarding companies by selling and delivering the best 'customer service' available.
"TEAM CTI" - Our People Make The Difference".
Our Mission is to provide transportation and logistics services that are compliance and security driven to both international and domestic destinations while providing our customers with stellar customer service. Team CTI's Can Do attitude utilizes both conventional and non-conventional services in order to find solutions to our customers' needs.